Home Staging Should Create Space

Home staging is a process that transforms a house into a wonderful showroom. When done properly, the entire process could possibly reduce the time spent by your house in the seller’s market. It could also increase your profits without having to capitalize on expensive renovation projects. It puts to work the resources you have and allows would-be buyers to see the comfortable living space there is. Here are some guidelines you can follow


Cleanliness and orderliness are two characteristics of a well-staged house. These two are achieved by clearing the house of clutters and other unnecessary things. You should not think of empty bottles, jars, and old stuff only such as clothes, toys, boxes, and books. Remember that you are setting your house for potential buyers to see themselves as if they are already living there. As such, depersonalization is also a key factor to eliminate clutters. With this, you are also to clear the house of personal things such as photo albums and family portraits. Be accommodating to all by removing symbols and things that will associate you to a particular belief, political organization, or person. They may be useful to you, but some potential buyers would view emblems and other signs as clutters because they don’t share the same beliefs or ideologies as you.


A properly-staged home is organized. And when a home is organized, it looks more spacious. Create the impression of more available spaces by organizing the things that will be used in the home staging process. You don’t want to confuse potential buyers as to which part of the house they are. Put items to appropriate house parts. Utilize more spaces for movement by taking furniture away from the walls. If you are living in the house to be staged, it will help if you are going to store personal items off-site.

Free up storages

Storages like cabinets and closets must be freed up to make them look more spacious. While there are buyers who would like to see them empty to allow them visualize what personal things they may be able to store, other buyers would also like to see some things there. Considering both preferences, try to achieve a balance between empty and filled.

According to statistics, well staged houses sell quicker than those that are not. Home staging helps create an impression of comfort and coziness without the house looking dull at all. In fact, empty rooms can be repurposed and converted into a stunning house feature such as the storage room turned into a mini-gym.